Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feels like today

Some good news! My husband got yet another raise! It's his 3rd since June, I am really proud of him and his hard work. He works through a union and is still in the apprenticeship program, The raise he got in June, everyone gets, That raise was to signify that he was no longer a 2nd year but a 3rd year. I don't remember exactly when but a few months ago, they moved him to 4th year pay and yesturday they moved him to 5th year pay. I'm just gonna pray that the economy holds and improves so he doesn't get laid off, always that possibility in the construction line of work.

Another good news, had court with the ex-husband today over child-support. They didn't put him in jail, he has till April 2nd to get his cdl license renewed, get a job and start paying. If not, then they will sentence him to 30 days work release. I know that if I hadn't asked that he not be put in jail, they would of. I just didn't want the burden of telling my children that their father was in jail, when they were younger it was different, I didn't have to tell them because they had no concept of time. So I'm just really confident that we will finally start recieving help. Did I mention, that in the last 6 years he's only paid me 2,300? Sad to think that he is so far behind that he could potentially still be paying me childsupport when the boys are in their 30's. Hope everyone else has loads of good news today as well!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Want and you shall recieve

Lastnight the family and I went to Lafayette to pick up my portraits and some new picture frames. And a new pair of shoes for Cody (kids go through shoes soooo fast).
And to my surprise right there next to the picture frames..... what did I see? Stainless steel pots and pans! *WOOT* And they were on sale. So with my witty self, I say out loud oh look, Pots and pans. My wonderful husband says well lets have a look see!!!!!!!! So guess who got one of her wish list items!!!!????? Yup yours truly! YAY! I loves loves loves my husband!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Want....

Friday night I was informed that I want and want and that I am never satisfied. So I thought I would maybe vent just a tad.... and also get all my wants out so I understand just how many I have.... and maybe distinguish between my needs.

I have everything I need.... That being established... heres my wants.

1)I want a matching new bedroom suit. one with an actual bed, and not just the boxspring and matress on the floor.... dressers that open (slide open) easily.

2.) I want to travel to somewhere I've never been to once a year.

3.) This can go in with number 2, but I want to take the boys to disney world, land whatever, while they are still young enough to enjoy the fantasy of it.... I've never been there myself.

4.) I want to have absolutely no debt other than my mortgage.

5.) I want to go camping every year, I love it, Cody and Levi love it! and it's great family bonding time that everyone can remember forever.

Thats all my wants: Lets see where my "I would likes can bring me"

I would like to have more than 1 pair of pants that aren't 4 years old.

I would like new pots and pans that I didn't get second hand 6 years ago, or that my husband didn't buy from the dollar store when he was a bachelor 6 years ago.

I would like a family portrait with the whole family in it.

And I would like to get out of the house atleast every two weeks even if its just to the grocery without kids in tow........

And for the record I didn't want a Wii, and I didn't want Power tools.... Just saying.

ope, Yup I see it clearly now.... I am selfish, over self indulged and completly never satisfied... I will have to work on that.

The new dog

We met the new dog last Tuesday... We were supposed to get him Thurseday. Thurseday the lady called and said she could bring him over Sunday or that my husband could pick him up on Wenesday..... This was left on my voicemail. I returned her call and left a msg.... Here it is Monday and no new news.... I believe she has decided not to get rid of the dog.... I am relieved.

My Valentine

I didnt get roses or a card or a new diamond ring..... I got something better a date with my husband and baby Phisher.

After dinner we went to Sears where the husband bought himself some new power tools, than off to Toys R Us where we bought the boys a Wii, Phisher some new outfits, and a new toy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I've been lacking in the blogging department, January 28th we lost our dog Bigs to some sort of intestinal track problem. I suppose we had an idea that it could happen, but I just assumed that it wouldn't. I'm thinking that the beginning of January we took him in for his shots and a checkup up and the Vet informed me that he might have this binding in his intestines, but that when we brought him in to get nuetered she would find out for sure, and if that was the case we would have to do surgery.... She also told me to make sure he was still going #2.
Than January 28th comes along and our puppy woke us up. He sounded like he was trying to throw up but never did. I called the vet at 8:30, was there by 9:05 and he was gone by 9:15a.m. It was so sudden and so fast it hit me like a mac truck. I really wasn't expecting it.... I really thought we would get Bigs some medicine, worst case scenario schedule surgery. It just never crossed my mind that as I walked into the vet holding my Bigs that the Lord had another plan for him, than for me to take him back home alive. If you know me very well you know that I am not an animal person, I don't like their droppings, their neediness, or their constant shedding of hair. But I loved Bigs... I love Bigs I'm not sure why I took to him like I did. But I did. Granted he still got on my nerves. I still feel broken from his passing. Maybe broken is the wrong term... I am still very much in mourning. I don't cry everyday or anything like that.... But I really miss his precense in our home. Anywho. I just figured I would pay tribute to the only dog I've ever truly loved. Since tonight my husband is bringing home a new dog. I just hope that the new dog can worm his way into my heart the way Bigs did.

He really was apart of our family and We all really really loved him.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures done, well for the most part, Phil didn't want to be in them.... I know, Crazy I've been asking for 5 years, And I got tired of waiting so I just went and got some done of the boys and I. I bought the rights to them so Yes they are allowed to be on here. It made for a long photo session, Phisher really wanted to play with the props, not get his picture takin. If I have your address I'll be sending you pics soon,... The actual pictures don't come in till the 17th.

Friday, February 6, 2009

It can happen to me!

I had a terrifying reality check today, And I thank the lord that the outcome came the way it did. Landon and Phisher has started to play in Phishers room.... It looks safe when you look in, I figured they would be fine. I went to the restroom. and than heard Phisher start to cry... I assumed that Landon had just hit phisher with something, since this is Landons' favorite thing to do... hit people. ( we will break him of this) Anyway so I hurry with my buisness even though I no longer hear Phisher crying. I walk into Phishers room and his baby monitor cord is wrapped around his neck! He was completely panicked because he couldn't move from where he was since it was still plugged into the wall, he was at the end of his "rope"! He seems to be completely fine now, Have him and Landon both laid down for their naps. Although Phisher is asleep on the couch where I can peak at him often. I am still shook up from it. Anyway I just wanted to post this not to show everyone that I make mistakes to as a parent but just to let everyone know that it does only take a second for an accident! Never just assume why your baby is crying hurry and always find out.... because you never know. That and an area that might have been safe for your baby to play in a month ago, might no longer be safe, babies grow and change, so remember that childproofing is a daily activity.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I didn't know I had a name

Alright so I read Ericas' blog, I feel so bad, I really honestly almost started to cry at the realization that I am the mean look lady. So to begin, I just really need to apologize for being that person that may have ruined someones day by my inconsideration. Though I hope no one takes me that seriously. I wish I had excuses for my behavior though I don't, And I'm not just the mean look lady you find in the supermarket, I'm that lady everywhere. Since Highschool I haven't met a person and became friends with them where they haven't later disclosed that at first they didn't like me... to them I was seen as unaproachable, stuck up, and some many other choice words. I'm not sure why I am this way, I do not think I'm better than anyone else. Though, I'm bothered with sharing my shopping experience with other people. I seem to be the lucky one who always finds the closest parking spot.. and I always annouce "look they knew I was comeing and saved me a parking space". I march into the store with my high heeled boots and clank my ways through the isles. I don't make eye contact with anyone. If I do It's because I feel that they are in "my" way. I wait patiently but make sure with the look I give them that they are aware that they have annoyed me. I suppose that theese people are also in the "mean look lady group" The other people in the store move quickly out of my way, and till I read Ericas' blog I assumed it was because they had manners. I'm even rude to the ladies at the checkout lane. I know that they get paid by the hour but do they have to take their time, therefore taking up mine? And do they really feel the need to talk to me about the products I buy... I don't care if they use it also. And I didn't realize I was in a survey panel about whether or not I would recomend the product. I wonder just how many times people have scowled in my direction praying that someone left the floor wet so I could slip and fall? So I will try to be better, try to smile more at strangers and talk more to the cashiers, and stop giving everyone the glance because they happen to be in the same isle as me. I am really really apologetic. I'm hoping that I've lucked out and not ruined anyones day. Though I doubt thats the case.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Phisher started walking

So Phisher took his first steps February 1st, This video isn't the first time he did it, probably like the 6th. So Phisher was just under 11months old when he decided to start walking.