Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I didn't know I had a name

Alright so I read Ericas' blog, I feel so bad, I really honestly almost started to cry at the realization that I am the mean look lady. So to begin, I just really need to apologize for being that person that may have ruined someones day by my inconsideration. Though I hope no one takes me that seriously. I wish I had excuses for my behavior though I don't, And I'm not just the mean look lady you find in the supermarket, I'm that lady everywhere. Since Highschool I haven't met a person and became friends with them where they haven't later disclosed that at first they didn't like me... to them I was seen as unaproachable, stuck up, and some many other choice words. I'm not sure why I am this way, I do not think I'm better than anyone else. Though, I'm bothered with sharing my shopping experience with other people. I seem to be the lucky one who always finds the closest parking spot.. and I always annouce "look they knew I was comeing and saved me a parking space". I march into the store with my high heeled boots and clank my ways through the isles. I don't make eye contact with anyone. If I do It's because I feel that they are in "my" way. I wait patiently but make sure with the look I give them that they are aware that they have annoyed me. I suppose that theese people are also in the "mean look lady group" The other people in the store move quickly out of my way, and till I read Ericas' blog I assumed it was because they had manners. I'm even rude to the ladies at the checkout lane. I know that they get paid by the hour but do they have to take their time, therefore taking up mine? And do they really feel the need to talk to me about the products I buy... I don't care if they use it also. And I didn't realize I was in a survey panel about whether or not I would recomend the product. I wonder just how many times people have scowled in my direction praying that someone left the floor wet so I could slip and fall? So I will try to be better, try to smile more at strangers and talk more to the cashiers, and stop giving everyone the glance because they happen to be in the same isle as me. I am really really apologetic. I'm hoping that I've lucked out and not ruined anyones day. Though I doubt thats the case.

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leschornmom said...

Beth you're Awesome!!!