Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feels like today

Some good news! My husband got yet another raise! It's his 3rd since June, I am really proud of him and his hard work. He works through a union and is still in the apprenticeship program, The raise he got in June, everyone gets, That raise was to signify that he was no longer a 2nd year but a 3rd year. I don't remember exactly when but a few months ago, they moved him to 4th year pay and yesturday they moved him to 5th year pay. I'm just gonna pray that the economy holds and improves so he doesn't get laid off, always that possibility in the construction line of work.

Another good news, had court with the ex-husband today over child-support. They didn't put him in jail, he has till April 2nd to get his cdl license renewed, get a job and start paying. If not, then they will sentence him to 30 days work release. I know that if I hadn't asked that he not be put in jail, they would of. I just didn't want the burden of telling my children that their father was in jail, when they were younger it was different, I didn't have to tell them because they had no concept of time. So I'm just really confident that we will finally start recieving help. Did I mention, that in the last 6 years he's only paid me 2,300? Sad to think that he is so far behind that he could potentially still be paying me childsupport when the boys are in their 30's. Hope everyone else has loads of good news today as well!

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