Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I've been lacking in the blogging department, January 28th we lost our dog Bigs to some sort of intestinal track problem. I suppose we had an idea that it could happen, but I just assumed that it wouldn't. I'm thinking that the beginning of January we took him in for his shots and a checkup up and the Vet informed me that he might have this binding in his intestines, but that when we brought him in to get nuetered she would find out for sure, and if that was the case we would have to do surgery.... She also told me to make sure he was still going #2.
Than January 28th comes along and our puppy woke us up. He sounded like he was trying to throw up but never did. I called the vet at 8:30, was there by 9:05 and he was gone by 9:15a.m. It was so sudden and so fast it hit me like a mac truck. I really wasn't expecting it.... I really thought we would get Bigs some medicine, worst case scenario schedule surgery. It just never crossed my mind that as I walked into the vet holding my Bigs that the Lord had another plan for him, than for me to take him back home alive. If you know me very well you know that I am not an animal person, I don't like their droppings, their neediness, or their constant shedding of hair. But I loved Bigs... I love Bigs I'm not sure why I took to him like I did. But I did. Granted he still got on my nerves. I still feel broken from his passing. Maybe broken is the wrong term... I am still very much in mourning. I don't cry everyday or anything like that.... But I really miss his precense in our home. Anywho. I just figured I would pay tribute to the only dog I've ever truly loved. Since tonight my husband is bringing home a new dog. I just hope that the new dog can worm his way into my heart the way Bigs did.

He really was apart of our family and We all really really loved him.

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Cathy Shields said...

I am so sorry, Beth. And I totally understand where you are coming from. I too am not really a dog person but have one that I love dearly. We even added another in December and ended up giving her away because she just wasn't the same. I know that my dog won't live forever but she'll be forever in my heart like Bigs is in yours.