Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Phisher Kade's 2nd birthday (March 5th)

Happy 2nd Birthday Phisher!!!

Eating his cake
Cody's friend Cameron was here for the party too! All his friends just love Phisher.

Phisher's Gramma and Grampa Janssen.

Megan and Phisher looking at his new t-ball set

Trying to figure out how to unwrap.
Cody's friend Logan came to celibrate too!

Cody, Levi and Cousins Megan and Hilary really want to help Phisher open his presents!

Phisher playing with his new bat and ball

Phisher Love him some babies! Especially baby Vyvyan

Valentines day dance

Phil and I didn't go anywhere of do anything for Valentines day with the boys being home and the dance going on, we let it be all about the kids this year. Though Phil and Phisher stayed home from the dance, Cody, Levi and I went and had a lot of fun, well untill I ruined Cody's life but thats ok too! ha
Taking family photos before going to the dance.

Levi, Phisher and Cody, my WHOLE world.

It's amazing that 3 little men can take up soooo much of my heart.

Levi dancing the night away!

Cody is mad at me, I'm ruining his life by taking photos of his first school dance! hahaha Just wait darling just wait mwahahahah!
Levi and his dates? no not really he wanted Elise to come to the dance with him but she was a no show, but two of his lil lady friends came through, no broken heart here:)
Cody and his girlfriend of 2 years Arizona. However they are way too cool for me and don't like each other!!!!! Here is a story though, He kissed her on the cheek and he was happy because she didn't smack him.

Family New Years' Party

Cody and I

Rob and Phil!

Hubby wants me to be a welder I suppose

Levi and Ian playing Dsi

Lis and Jules!

Cody dancing!

Throwing darts.

I was hoping baby could make it till midnight, but he couldnt he was just too tired. Reason being why he has no facial expression.

New Year Kisses

Ian, Julie, and Rob Stull bringing in the new year.

Woops! Forgot to break out the sparkling grape juice for the kids!!!! So we just did it the next morning.

Jules smacking it out of the park with the wii

As you know I am huge on parties, and I love hosting them!
And we love the Stulls'!!!!

Christmas 2009

Apparently Phisher just doesn't want his photo takin, so much for a happy Christmas morning photo of the 3 of them. haha

They are excited!

Cody did it, he set his alarm clock on his phone for 3 am, than proceded to wake me up every half hour untill I don't know 6:30, 7:00am. I guess thats my pay back for waking him up the last 9 years to show him what Santa brought! haha

Cody's most wanted wish list item and santa brought it!

Jack wants to know what the 3 boys got together! And since it's been so long, I don't remember what their group present was..... Board game I'm sure, or not so sure.

I bought all 3 boys new blanket/sheet sets for Christmas, Cody wanted Colts, Levi wanted Steelers, and Phil and I decided that Phisher wanted a cute baseball bedding setup, I'll have to take a photo of that and upload it.

Not sure what Phisher is doing but It's too cute not to throw in even though it is random! haha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Santa what I want for Christmas is..... "2009"

Each year our home town (wtco) I think is the organization that puts this together, either way they serve hot chocolate, cookies, (Levi's favorite) ,host fire truck rides for the kids and ofcourse have Santa, which by the way this is the same Santa that my husband sat on when he was a boy, which I think is really cool.
Dear Santa, will you please bring me some more DSI, and PS2 games? Thank you, Love Levi

Dear Santa, Will you please bring me some DSI games and some nerf guns? Thank you, love Cody

Dear Santa, Don't make me sit on your lap, I don't want anything but for you to leave me alone and never speak to me again! Thank you,

Hurry Cody and Levi jump in the photo and smile so I can take a quick picture!

It's ok Phisher no more tears, Daddy has you now.

(early December 2009)

Cody's 9th Birthday (November 29th 2009)

Cody's 9th Birthday they grow up so fast:( The sad part is, he's almost 9 1/2 as I finally do this. Bad mom! lol

Cody blowing out his candles

Phisher with Gramma Janssen

Levi Cheesin

Close your eyes darling mommy forgot to buy a gift bag this would fit in.

Cody and his new skate board, Now that we have 3 children we decided to price cap the birthday parties, as far as gifts are concerned $50 is the limit, other wise you know how it goes one birthday is in the middle of everything going on and you have to scrape to find the money to afford to even buy the cake and the next birthday is in a month where there's always overtime and no other events going on and you could buy the child anything they want. So we stopped that. We spend a little more than that on the birthdays, but thats all we spend concerning buying gifts.

As always the smallest boy wants to wrestle the biggest one! Please be careful! The boys were so funny while they were doing this, they decided that if you are put on your back you were done, but than they started changing it to if both knees hit the floor. And than the boys would make up reasons why they weren't pinned like, not both knees hit the floor and I know this because only my left one hurt hahaha! This is two of Cody's closest friends, Jud (standing) and Jacob.

Cody wrestling Aiden

Opening presents from his friends, someone got him a football so they all ran outside soon after to play tackle football, between the wrestling and the football I was so glad when they all crashed for the night, somehow I didn't have any broken bones or bloody noses to deal with that night.

The whole gang that stayed over for Cody's 9th Birthday party. I love being the "brave" mom. Even though honestly I was terrified when I realized what activities they wanted to spend their time doing.

Jud, Ryan, Logan, Cameron,Aiden, Jacob,Levi, Cody and Flint