Friday, February 6, 2009

It can happen to me!

I had a terrifying reality check today, And I thank the lord that the outcome came the way it did. Landon and Phisher has started to play in Phishers room.... It looks safe when you look in, I figured they would be fine. I went to the restroom. and than heard Phisher start to cry... I assumed that Landon had just hit phisher with something, since this is Landons' favorite thing to do... hit people. ( we will break him of this) Anyway so I hurry with my buisness even though I no longer hear Phisher crying. I walk into Phishers room and his baby monitor cord is wrapped around his neck! He was completely panicked because he couldn't move from where he was since it was still plugged into the wall, he was at the end of his "rope"! He seems to be completely fine now, Have him and Landon both laid down for their naps. Although Phisher is asleep on the couch where I can peak at him often. I am still shook up from it. Anyway I just wanted to post this not to show everyone that I make mistakes to as a parent but just to let everyone know that it does only take a second for an accident! Never just assume why your baby is crying hurry and always find out.... because you never know. That and an area that might have been safe for your baby to play in a month ago, might no longer be safe, babies grow and change, so remember that childproofing is a daily activity.

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