Sunday, April 18, 2010

Valentines day dance

Phil and I didn't go anywhere of do anything for Valentines day with the boys being home and the dance going on, we let it be all about the kids this year. Though Phil and Phisher stayed home from the dance, Cody, Levi and I went and had a lot of fun, well untill I ruined Cody's life but thats ok too! ha
Taking family photos before going to the dance.

Levi, Phisher and Cody, my WHOLE world.

It's amazing that 3 little men can take up soooo much of my heart.

Levi dancing the night away!

Cody is mad at me, I'm ruining his life by taking photos of his first school dance! hahaha Just wait darling just wait mwahahahah!
Levi and his dates? no not really he wanted Elise to come to the dance with him but she was a no show, but two of his lil lady friends came through, no broken heart here:)
Cody and his girlfriend of 2 years Arizona. However they are way too cool for me and don't like each other!!!!! Here is a story though, He kissed her on the cheek and he was happy because she didn't smack him.

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