Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Santa what I want for Christmas is..... "2009"

Each year our home town (wtco) I think is the organization that puts this together, either way they serve hot chocolate, cookies, (Levi's favorite) ,host fire truck rides for the kids and ofcourse have Santa, which by the way this is the same Santa that my husband sat on when he was a boy, which I think is really cool.
Dear Santa, will you please bring me some more DSI, and PS2 games? Thank you, Love Levi

Dear Santa, Will you please bring me some DSI games and some nerf guns? Thank you, love Cody

Dear Santa, Don't make me sit on your lap, I don't want anything but for you to leave me alone and never speak to me again! Thank you,

Hurry Cody and Levi jump in the photo and smile so I can take a quick picture!

It's ok Phisher no more tears, Daddy has you now.

(early December 2009)

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