Sunday, July 19, 2009

We quit

As always a hectic month:) But a little less hectic in a way. I no longer baby sit, which is a huge relief, I can spend the day with my baby teaching my baby things. And spend his nap time working on my homework, or playing with my older boys. Last Saterday Phil quit chewing, thank goodness. However he quit, so guess what I quit smoking. The headache that would of resulted from him griping about me smoking was just not worth it, so I took the initiative and quit to save our marriage from that argument that would have resulted. MOM, I quit smoking time for you to hold up your end of the bargain. Actually I'm gonna call you now since I haven't in a month! Now I'm leaving you a message since you never answer!

Cody and Levis' football league starts up August 4th practices 3days a week, The short break of their baseball season being over was nice:)

Phisher is still so sweet! And He is such a hamm! Everytime I yell for phil to come look at something Phisher is doing that is so cute, Phisher puts on a huge Grin ofcourse also stops doing whatever it was he was doing. He still only has 6 teeth, are his molar or eye teeth ever going to come in? Maybe this is why he still hasn't gone through the biting stage? He climbs up and on everything, Driving me crazy. Well about out of time and I'd like to post a few pictures:) Baseball practice at 4 so gotta get to it:) These pictures are really random and sooo out of order. Thats what I get for not keeping it up to date... I also wanted to ask that everyone say a prayer for Carrie Dickson, Her husband Tony died in an automobile accident this past Wednesday. (Tony and Phil played on the same softball team, and worked through the same union together. Any way he leaves behind his lovely wife Carrie and two beautiful boys.

We were put on the 18th floor in the millenium hotel for our trip to Cincinatti, It had a great view, but seriously I'm terrified of elevators.

Cody and some of his team mates holding up their sectional trophies

Cody's undefeated baseball team

Happy 7th birthday Levi! we couldn't celebrate it till we got home from Cincinatti but I think he had a great birthday.

Nighttime swimming Cody and Levi

They had the music blaring I don't think Phisher liked it to well

Cody enjoying the nighttime swimming at the hotel in Cincinatti

Levi, Phisher and Cody, on our way to Cincinatti, This picture was Actually takin on Levi's 7th birthday.

Phil and I on our way to Cincinatti for Phils baseball tournament

Phil and I at my highschool reunion... Needless to say I had a blast and loved seeing everyone I went to school with.


Stephanie H. said...

Your boys are beautiful! Love seeing their pictures, and YEA!! for quitting smoking. What did Sharon promise you?

Jacob and Cami said...

I think you get prettier and prettier every time I see another picture of you. Congrats to you and Phil for quitting!!! That's awesome.