Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TO busy!

So apologetic that I haven't updated or kept up to date, school is kicking my hiny, Cody and Levi just finished up their baseball leagues, Cody's' team went undefeated, Levi still plays coach pitch so we didn't keep a close eye on scores, though he did lose his first game in his tournament. In which I missed most of the game because of the "episode". Phisher, likes to run back and forth up and down the path of lawn chairs and bleachers during the games. The other parents help corr ale him, it's kind of like herding cows, they turn him to run back the opposite direction. However Monday, He was running and fell on some lumpy uneven ground, when he fell his cookie flew out of his hand, he let out a cry and I rushed to pick up. well he stopped crying and I thought he must of had the wind knocked out of him, his mouth wide open trying to catch his breath, I was gently padding him on the back telling him to take a breath, and sooth my poor baby, when all of a sudden he turned blue and went limp in my arms, and than it hit me, HE'S CHOKING! Of course I'm a panic stricken mother who screams, "oh my god my babies choking" as I flip him over and pound on his back. He quickly started crying, and with my tunnel vision at the time I don't know who came to my babies aid, but I remember someone placing their hand on me and telling me he's OK he's crying, which was their way of saying quit hitting your baby. So even though after the episode and he was fine, I could tell he was exhausted, and with it heavy on my mind I sat in my car and cried through most of the game. Any who, he's fine and healthy as ever, It might have left me traumatized though. Phil's' games are also over for awhile, but my games are twice a week through August, and by than Co-ed starts up so Phil and I will be busy with that, thank goodness that those games are only on Sunday afternoon though. I will try to post pictures soon! Hope everyone had a wonderful June, I'll try to read every ones blogs:) If your on facebook, it's easier to keep up to date with me since I post from my phone and upload pictures from my phone.


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Beth you are amazing! I sure do love you. Wish you could come to Nauvoo and see me while I am there. But I know about busy schedules. Have a wonderful summer and play some good ball for me since I can't.

Stephanie H. said...

Scary when they're choking! I'm always one to freak out also :)