Tuesday, March 24, 2009

None of your buisness

This past weekend I was confronted with some news of someone speaking really rash about me and even mocking me. I was really taken aback, first of all, I knew this person had felt that way but only because I am really good at reading people. It had never been confirmed to me. Although, I believe at one point in my life or another I have been every bad description of a person known to man, I have a mile long list of faults, So I was not upset and am not upset by anything that was said, I understand that sometime you can do something an in inoccent mannor that will change a persons' perception of you for life. I also believe that you can wrong someone without even realizing an apology is needed. I know that some people hold on to things with a heavy burdon, and I suppose if I were to say that I am completly grudge free, I would be lieing. I have made an awesome grudgaholic (I know not a word) recovery. At the end of the day, you have to let it go. And more importantly you can not worry about what others think of you, What they think is none of your buisness. And you should do your best to not let it be your buisness.

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leschornmom said...

Good for you! I have decided that most people are good at heart... Even the gerks!!!! If we were all truthful I am sure that there aren't many people in the world who could claim that they have never said hurtful thing about others.
For me, If some one says something negative about someone else I ask them to stop talking. That used to be hard for me but now I seem to do it so often that it's just second nature to me! (I asume that I have offended at least one person by doing that!)