Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benge Smoked Potato Soup

Wow! So I found some more down time and thought I would ramble away. Every one is busy so why not talk at the world wide web and pretend someone actually cares.

                The pinkish undertone in the photo is because I dropped my iPhone and shattered the back of it. So I painted it with pink nail polish in the hopes that is will keep the shards of glass out of my hands. Unfortunately I did not realize that painting the flash would make my pictures pink. Though if I really would have thought it out. I would have known that. I have never been accused of over thinking anything that I've done.
               So tonight for dinner I decided to make sausage and potatoes. Not sure what the exact name of this meal is. There fore I'll make one up..... Benge Smoked Potato Soup. Hopefully no one has trade marked this meal and decides to sue me. I must say that although I'm sure that this meal has been made by everyone on the planet. My husband just through these ingredients into a pan one night for dinner. And it turned out delish. However I'm thoroughly into fitness now a days and do not recommend this meal if you are looking to lose weight. I have not figured the calorie amount, I just know its a lot. For my family of 6, I peal 1.5 potatoes for each person and an extra one for the pot. Once those are boiled I add two cans of salt free green beans. As well as once package of Johnsonville smoked sausage. I add two heaping scoops of butter. Paula Dean would be so proud of me!  I then let it simmer for 15 minutes just to get everything nice and warm. Salt and Pepper to taste. Or if you're like my husband add hot sauce. Not at all an August meal, however we are caught on a short budget this week with preparing for back to school.
               Anyway this is an extraordinary cheap meal that sits heavy in the belly, a little goes a long way. Dinner at 5:30 tonight to help us to not go to bed with lots of those pesky little calories sitting in our bellies. Till next time,  Chow!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The fat is gone!

So I found a little down time and realized that I have not updated my blog,.... In a year!!!! How sad is that? Well good news. I'm no longer 195 lbs! Though I plateaued about 10 lbs from my ideal weight. I know that I can lose the weight I just have no self control, I go run, and come home and refuel with some ice cream. Totally sabotaging myself. However I know the cause of my inability to shed a few pounds so that's ok! Right? Admitting the problem is step one of the solution correct?  I lost all my weight counting calories.  I use to record what I eat. I get super annoyed when people say things "oh, you run? So that's how you lost all your weight!" I don't know why that makes me mad but it's just plain ignorance. You can't out run a bad diet. Hence the reason I still have weight to lose. I ran 19 miles last week. I should have lost a pound by that thinking.. But did I? No. Not one pound, WHY? Because I ate ice cream for breakfast! Well and I ate about 6 cookies yesterday, and I'll be fare to myself and not disclose just how many calories each cookie contained. Since, most people don't look at the back of the package and six cookies really doesn't sound so extreme. Does it?
              A couple weekends ago I ran in my first race. Unfortunately it wasn't timed, but it was a lot of fun! I think the most fun part of it, for me, was that I was passing a lot of the other runners. I started (Just a random guess) about at the six or so heat. I also started at the very beginning of the heat. In which  the heats were started in five minute intervals. So the fact that I caught up with other people who were running in the race was a huge confidence builder to myself.

I was really disappointed that I was not covered in more color. I suppose I should have slowed down in the areas that they were throwing the powdered paint. Maybe even should of looked like I wanted to have paint thrown on me? I know I tend to look stand offish. So I can only imagine the look on my face while running through the clouds of powdered paint. While I subconsciously, with a flare of a hypochondriac worrying if I would find out that I was allergic. Or worried about what the long term effects of breathing in this powder would have on me.   Anyway I made it out alive with very little paint on me and so far I haven't fallen terminally ill.
In other news my kids are growing up on me. Extremely fast. To the point that when I took Emma's bassinet apart and her baby swing along with several much needed items, I stored them away for my up and coming grandchildren. My husband thinks I'm nuts, however if Cody and Levi have children as early as 23, that is only 12 years away. Really what's 12 years when you realize you have a 6th grader!!!! EEKS!  Currently Cody is 11, Levi is 10, Phisher is 4 and sweet little Emma is 15 months.
So I'll end this with a quick photo of each and then hopefully I'll update again sooner than later.
 Emma is just about 12 months here.
 Phisher is 4 here.

Levi is on the left and Cody on the right. Levi is 9 here and Cody is 11 here.
I got a new lap top and don't have up to date pictures on here!!! I do so much from my phone, including taking pictures, I really need to stop that!