Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby #4

I'm 8 weeks pregnant today, pritty excited.... to get it over with. Just kidding, well sort of. This is my first and last planned pregnancy, and it took me a year to commit to, otherwise we would of already had a baby. We are pritty excited around here though, can't wait till April to hold our new baby. Hope all of you are doing well! I would update more often but by the time I get home from work the last thing I want to do is stick my nose in the computer, and this site is blocked from work, dumb I know. Everyone should be able to blog from their cubicle;) Any way enough about me, going to go read up on Cami and Cali, and everyone else!!!! God bless!


Jacob and Cami said...

Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you. Hope your summer's been fantastic!

Cali and Travis said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to get the updates!