Friday, May 8, 2009

Bowling, bubbles, and my new ride

Me in my new vehicle, notice my wedding rings:) I've lost so much weight they barely stay on, I need desperately to get them resized!

My Torrent, I love it!

He is a mess in in this picture, but still soooo cute! I love him so much, It is so hard to believe that he is 14 months old! His hair is a mess, but we probably won't have it cut till he is closer to his second birthday, and his hair can normally be brushed to the side, and just looks adorable that way.

Phisher is a big helper and insists on throwing his own diaper away, I didn't teach him to do this, He just did it one day, and ofcourse now I encourage it. He also puts his toys in the toy box, and the other day, he was told sternly to leave the t.v. alone (he loves the green power light and loves to turn it off) in which case he pouted all the way to the corner, I was not fast enough and only got a picture of him leaving the corner, my camera has literally been on my hip for the past 2 days, because he has done it several times, I'm determined to get a picture of him putting himself in the corner!

What baby does not love bubbles?

Phisher helping daddy bowl!

Phisher looks more and more like his daddy everyday! He's soooo blonde you can hardly tell he has hair here!

I am a horrible bowler! Notice my score, and the rails are up! PATHETIC! hahaha

I cannot believe that in a month this awesome little boy will be 7!!!! And Cody is half way to 9! where has the time gone?

Not a really good picture, can hardly see Cody, but Phishers' face is priceless here! loves it!

My sweet baby boy, I mean my sweet 8 year old, who will no longer kiss his mother!!!!! SAD:(

But this baby boy will still kiss his momma, even makes the smooch sound! He'll start making the sound, smooch smooch smooch, you should see Phil come running for those kisses! Anyway here he is helping me bowl, he was laughing soooo hard, precious

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William said...

Don’t feel bad. I can’t bowl either. I often find myself blaming the shoes, ball, or what ever song happens to be playing.

‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream
William E Herrington