Monday, December 29, 2008


It's a simple tree, but very pritty

He wanted to play with the ornaments,...

Decorating the Tree, We didn't put it up till the Sunday before Christmas... I was too worried about how hard keeping 3 babies and a toddler out of it would be

He loves helping mommy! and mommy loves his cute flippy hair!

I love spending time with my family!

Baby Phisher and I

Placing the Presents we bought eachother under the tree

Bigsbie attacking Levi: He loves to play

My Camera wouldn't take a good picture of us in front of the tree, I'm guessing to much was going on , and it didn't know what to focus on?

Baby Phishers' First Christmas:) I love this baby sooo much!

Milk and Cookies for Santa

I had to put them up... Phisher is a cookie monster, he wasn't wanting to leave any for Santa.

I don't know how evryone else does it, but at my house I set my alarm and than go jump on my boys' bed to wake them up! I love doing it! And I know that when they look back they will love the memory of it instead of the memories I have from when I was little of waiting and waiting and waiting and begging and hearing 10 more minutes wait and be patient:) It seemed like eternity waiting for my parents to get out of bed.

With sleep still in his eyes.... I didn't hear a single complaint though! hmmmm imagine that. ahaha

Levis' turn,... Wake up honey! Santa came! hurry hurry hurry! You wouldn't believe all the presents he left!

smiling while whiping and rubbing his eyes:)

Baby Phishers turn... I'm a little nervous about this one:)

Awwww! He is soooo Sleepy, and has no idea whats instore!

Santa made it!

A quick Cristmas morning Photo

They were soooo excited!

Looking in the Stalkings

New Pants! Mom!

He took his pajamas off sooo fast and put on his new pants and opened another present before we could snap another picture!

Do you love it Phisher Kade?

New Tony Hawk shirts!

Star Wars! Awesome!

I love Victoria Secret Pajama pants!

Levi loves Star Wars

All his hot air being put to good use! HAHAHA! Just kidding

Look Phisher! It's sooooo much fun!

Oh and He loves it!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Jacob and Cami said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Hope your New Year is just as fun.

Cali and Travis said...

Beth you are such a cutie! You look great even early on Christmas morning!