Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26th

Our new home. Don't be fooled, it is cozy but its a large 3 bedroom 2 car attached garage. Yet small enough that its easy to clean.So we are all moved into our new home:) Our home for atleast the next ten years, if not longer. How exciting! I dislike moving with a passion! Ofcourse now we need to have another garage sale! Ha! Everytime we move it seems there becomes a mass of things we find that we do not use anymore or need. I do struggle though on deciding what to get rid of.... I always wonder if I throw something out will I regret it down the road? And than I tell myself that if I haven't used it in the last 6 months I probably won't. Any way I am extremely happy with our new home! I do wish that there were a few more neighbor kids for the boys to play with, and maybe that some of the scenery was kept nicer(not to be mean to my neighbors) because they are nice people.But I do believe that the back yard is a piece of heaven:)

I can't wait to set off fireworks here this year! *woot* woot*

Baby Phisher is now 16 weeks old! You'll notice that most pictures of phisher and I are self portraits, but for whatever reason when Cody and Levi take the picture someones head is cut out of it, and well Phil is always at work and when he's not, he's not in the mood to take pictures:) Phisher rolled over for the first time this last Sunday (the 22nd) YaY! Ofcourse we couldn't get him to do it again when I had the camcorder ready:( I have learned that thats just the way it goes! I've also noticed that I'm having to feed him more often the last few days, He'll start eating and than get distracted by something else going on. I suppose it wouldn't bother me so much if he wasn't still nurseing. I'll go to try to get something done and he'll decide he wants to finish eating. grrr! haha! His personality is really starting to show. He is a very happy baby! Oh and I'm sure he could out talk any little girl. The other night he talked I know for 3 hours straight, and any time that I took my attention away from his gabbering he let me know that what he was saying was important and that I needed to have all eyes on him untill he finished his story! haha!
Levi's 6th Birthday was June 19th! I cannot believe how old my children are becoming! I wish we could have done more for his birthday but we were unable to get any of his freinds contact information before the end of the school year. And we were planning on taking him bowling.... untill Cody ended up with a realy bad ear infection with a fever:( I promised him next year we would make it up to him. Anyway, he helped me make his cake and yes I let him lick the bowl! And he seemed to realy enjoy the presents we had gotten for him this year! (Other than my mixing bowl in the sink the dishes in the background are clean! I don't like using a strainer)

MY WORLD! My 3 handsome lil men!


Cathy Shields said...

Congrats on the new house! Adorable boys! Glad you're happy!

Stephanie H. said...

Ben wants to say hi to his cousins! Phisher is getting so big! Congrats on the new house.